Coda PHP & Web Toolkit – JS tidy formatting

The next update will make JSTidy configurable, but in case you’d like to change the braces placement (in a new line) right now:

  • Go to (your user folder)/Library/Application Support/Coda/Plug-Ins/
  • Right click on “PhpPlugin.codaplugin”, choose “Show package contents”
  • Navigate to Contents/Resources and open "jstidy-min.js" with an Editor
  • On the last line replace braces_on_own_line:true with braces_on_own_line:false

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.0

Well, finally the 3.0 version of Coda PHP & Web Toolkit. Here’s an overview of the new features.

Use selection

This is probably very helpful – if you enable this in the prefences and have a selection in the editor, all commands only operate on this selection.

Real-life example: You have an HTML-page with inline JavaScript. Select the JavaScript part and use Minify to minify the JavaScript only.

Results in a floating window

Validation results for CSS, HTML and Javascript can be displayed in a floating window, so you can view the warnings/errors without having to switch to another tab: Continue reading “Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.0”