Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.0 beta 2

Next beta version for the next release (3.0).

What’s new (and interesting)?

  • New shortcuts for online css/html validation, minify
  • Notifications and result panel improved (now they save their position)
  • JSHint updated and it has more reasonable settings
  • Preferences menu reordered (debug is now on the advanced-tab etc.)
  • Error handling now (much) more consistent

Some validation results, new preferences:

Some validation results

What’s new (and not so very interesting)?

  • Used mostly Xcode 4, because of the native git-integration, but the PPC-version requires Xcode 3, so I used both in the end..
  • Rewritten large parts of the interface logic and the validation process
  • Rewritten the rest
  • Memory management improved
  • Completely removed curl, everything now in pure cocoa
  • Javascript calls now optionally without shell script (a long story..)

So please download and report bugs (or tell me that everything is fine..)

Download here »