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This is my personal homepage. You’ll find here software I’ve written and my blog about development and related stuff.

I’m from lovely Duisburg, Germany and work here: wysiwyg*.

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What does chipwreck mean?

Nothing in particular.
(At least that’s what I thought, then I found this entry in the urban dictionary: “The remnants of a chip – potato or otherwise – that has broken apart upon an unsuccessful foray into the dip-bowl.”)…

The quote is of course from Douglas Adams.


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To contact me, send an email to mario devslashnull@domain.tld @chip devslashnull@domain.tld or use the form.

Kontakt: Mail an mario devslashnull@domain.tld @chip devslashnull@domain.tld oder das Formular unten benutzen.


My public pgp key can be downloaded here:

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