Coda PHP & Web Toolkit – Source code

If you are adventurous you might have a look at the PHP & Web Toolkit source code here:

Beware: Since this was my first (and nearly only) project in Objective-C with Xcode I’m sure it’s a mess. The repository wasn’t meant to be public in the beginning but only for my personal use, therefore I committed just the whole project – which probably isn’t the best way to go. Nevertheless with some experience it should be possible to build the plugin.

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.9 beta

If you have problems with the current PHP & Web Toolkit, have a look at the current beta version. It should fix some errors when using “minify on publish” (for CSS and JS files).

New stuff

  • New CSS Minifier included, should greatly improve CSS output after minification and fix bugs with negative values.
  • Minify on publish should now work correctly.
  • New setting “laxcomma” added to JSHin.

Download and feedback here »