Coda PHP & Web Toolkit: New beta available

This new beta version now works with Coda 1 and 2, fixes the drawbacks of the previous beta and has some improvements:

  • “Results in floating window” is now available again
  • Script warning in Coda 2 doesn’t appear (choose “Results in floating window” in the preferences)
  • Updated JSHint to the latest version
  • New preference setting for JSHint: Use smart tabs
  • Updated JSTidy to the latest version
  • JS Tidy now works correctly with CR and LF linefeeds
  • JS Tidy has no 64KB file limit anymore
  • “Go to line” (for PHP errors) now uses the API function in Coda 2, so it scrolls to the error location
  • Automatic update should now work correctly with Coda 1 and Coda 2
  • New version notification now shows the new version number…
  • New version notification in Coda 2 now correctly works with a floating window
  • Performance improvements

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Coda 2: PHP & Web Toolkit beta available

Annoyingly the current version of my Coda plugin worked with all the Coda 2 beta versions, but not the final (release) version. The problem seems to be the non-threadsafe Webkit-View implementation. Since this is can’t be fixed easily I put together a beta version which doesn’t use the Webkit-View.

Limitations of this beta version:

  • It’s beta.. and not yet well tested
  • The option “Results in floating window” is disabled: Some results open in a new tab
  • Some of the functions ask you (twice) “Untitled.php is a script application. Are you sure you want to run it?” – you can safely click “OK” :)

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Coda 2 and PHP & Web Toolkit

Update: Coda 2 compatible version will be coming the next days, stay tuned.

Just a short status update to let you know that my plug-in “PHP & Web Toolkit” for Coda will be compatible with the upcoming Coda version 2. Currently the tests look very good and all plug-in functions work as expected. The next plug-in version will be published after Coda 2 is out and I’ve received some feedback.

It might be possible that new versions will be running on Coda 2 only but I hope that it’s possible to maintain only one version of the plug-in.

I’m also looking forward to some new API functions which hopefully are integrated in Coda 2. These will fix some annoyances in the plug-in and allow plug-ins to do more stuff.

Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.4

Feature removal: This version doesn’t feature proCSSor anymore. The developer will not continue the proCSSor Web API, so this feature is removed from Coda PHP & Web Toolkit.
Since the API was a free service anyway and he’ll focus on developing his own software this is understandable. More information can be found on his website:


And since Coda 2 is said to be released in the near future I won’t add any new features until then. Therefore this version has some bugfixes only.

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