Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.6 – for Coda 1 & 2

So here’s the new, nice and hopefully stable version of the Coda plugin. Works with Coda 1.7.5 and Coda 2.x

New features

  • Checks automatically if accidentally more than one plugin is installed (could have thought of this earlier..)
  • Javascript JSHint – new preference: Smart Tabs
  • “Go to line” (for PHP errors) now uses the API function in Coda 2, so it scrolls to the error location

New function: PHP validate on save (Coda 2 only)

You can now automatically validate your php files when saving them. If you enable this in the preferences files ending with “.php” and “.phtml” are automatically validated on saving. For correct files, nothing happens – otherwise an error dialog is shown.

IMPORTANT: The file will be saved in every case – regardless if there’s an error or not! This is a restriction of the Coda 2 API.


  • Javascript JSHint – updated to a new version
  • Javascript Tidy (JSBeautify) – updated to a new version
  • Javascript Tidy (JSBeautify) – no file size limit anymore
  • Javascript Tidy (JSBeautify) – CR/LF handling correctly now
  • CSS Tidy – updated to the latest version
  • CSS Tidy – CR/LF handling correctly now
  • Performance improvements (loading time, js functions)
  • New version notification now shows the new version number…
  • Plugin path is now correct for Coda 1 and Coda 2
  • Preferences menu: Small cosmetic changes

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