Coda 2 and PHP & Web Toolkit

Update: Coda 2 compatible version will be coming the next days, stay tuned.

Just a short status update to let you know that my plug-in “PHP & Web Toolkit” for Coda will be compatible with the upcoming Coda version 2. Currently the tests look very good and all plug-in functions work as expected. The next plug-in version will be published after Coda 2 is out and I’ve received some feedback.

It might be possible that new versions will be running on Coda 2 only but I hope that it’s possible to maintain only one version of the plug-in.

I’m also looking forward to some new API functions which hopefully are integrated in Coda 2. These will fix some annoyances in the plug-in and allow plug-ins to do more stuff.

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  1. I have already bought Coda 2 and waiting for the plugin :) I cannot use it without the plugin :)

  2. Same thing. Installing on Coda 2 causes C2 to crash and crash after re-opening as well.

    Going to ~/Library/Application Support/Coda 2/Plug-ins/ and deleting PhpPlugin.codaplugin resolves the crashing.

    In case it matters, I’m running the MAS version, and I repeated this 3 times before giving up.

  3. great news indeed! I’ve already purchased Coda2 and I’m more than happy to help if you need some tester (you’ve got my email)

    thank you for dedication on this project

  4. By installing the plugin (v.3.4), coda 2 crashes right after starting.

    I’m using the MAS version of coda. Is this a known bug?

    1. I tried it until now only with the latest beta version without problems, so I’ll have to look what goes wrong with the release version of Coda the next days as soon as I am back from holiday :-)

      You could also try the beta version (gray download button).

      1. the beta also crashes on startup. Opening Coda 2 in the 32bit mode (via information pane) doesn’t work either… of course you can send me a beta version if you like (to test)

  5. Great news! Your plugin for coda is absolutely essential to me. Helps me out at my job everyday. Keep up the good work :)

    Looking for to coda 2 as well, of which I haven’t seen yet as I missed the public beta :(. Hopefully it’s not to far in the future for it to come out

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