Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.7

A new version again, download it or use the updater in the plugin.

New: PHP Validate on Save (Coda 2 only)

Now you can edit the list of file extensions for which the Validate on Save jumps in. The default is php,phtml, but you can enter more or different extensions if necessary. Separate them by comma, without spaces.

php validate on save: file extensions

New: Minify on Publish (Coda 2 only)

(Still experimental) There are two new preferences: Minify JS on publish an Minify CSS on publish. When checked and you publish a CSS or Javascript file (.css/.js) a minified version the file is uploaded. Your original (local) file is not modified.

CSS Preferences / Minify on publish

Please check afterwards if your uploaded files behave correctly – in case of problems uncheck the preferences and publish again (then the uncompressed file is uploaded). And of course report what’s wrong.

Improvements / Bugfixes

  • Check if Growl is present
  • Includes Growl 1.2 and Growl 1.3 notifier, automatically and hopefully selects the right one
  • Some bugfixes, typos, improved logging
  • CSSTidy: New option Remove last ; – control if the last ; in a block is removed or not
  • CSSTidy: Workaround for wrong @import behavior
  • JSHint: Doesn’t report useless strict warnings anymore
  • JSHint: Removed unused –safe option
  • JSHint: Added link to option documentation in the preferences
  • CSSTidy/JSMinify: CR/LF handling improved
  • PHPTidy won’t try to format php files with syntax errors
  • Rewritten launching of php based tools, more robust now
  • Refactoring PHP error display
  • Performance/memory improvements
  • Preferences layout improved

Problems? Just post a comment or write an email (mario at chipwreck dot de). Since there are now more than 420 comments I’m thinking about using some kind of forum or bugtracker maybe..

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