Best Android Apps – Part 4, Organizer

Recommended Android Apps (you might not know) – Part 4, Organizer

A loose series of blog posts presenting my favourite Android Apps. This selection is naturally quite subjective, but you might find some apps you don’t know yet. If root access is required, this is mentioned, as well as free vs. ad-supported vs. paid.

Organizer means Calendar, E-Mail, Documents and the like


Nice and beautiful timer app

Just look at the interface: Great app, nothing more to say here.

atimer timersatimer single timer

Free | Market link »

Business Calendar

Calendar, clean and functional

This calendar has what others dont’t have: An uncluttered user interface and a very good workflow. The widgets are also very beautiful and functional.

business cal month viewbusiness cal widgetbusiness cal week view

Free, Paid version available | Market link »


Task management, Toodledoo support, great app, clumsy name

Even if the developer calls his app an “alpha” version: I had not a single problem until now and use it extensively (with Toodledo). All features like repeating tasks (repeat from starting or completion date), folders/tags, notes and locations are fully implemented. The “Hotlist” is especially useful: One click to view your upcoming/important tasks with a nice widget. The developer also responds quickly.

Also cool: You can create tasks to call a contact or write a message

dgt sync settingsdgt hotlist

Free | Market link » | Toodledoo extension »


Alarm clock with lots of features. Especially: Turn off alarm only after solving a puzzle or a math equation, how cool is that?

This app is probably the single most important and useful tool on the planet! At least for people like me, who tend to ignore 90% of all alarms and switch off the remaining 10% while still in a coma-like sleep..

  • Pre-alarm, wakes you up with gentle forest sounds, raindrops etc.
  • Most important: Can NOT be turned off unless you solve one or two maths problems or a puzzle (adjustable difficulty, optional of course). How cool!
  • Restriction of the trial version: Doesn’t ring on Wednesdays :) Nice idea.
  • Voice output tells you how late you are or wishes you a good morning
  • Night mode with a dimmed clock
  • Useful widgt
gentle alarm overviewgentle alarm night modegentle alarm maths (60 sec. timeout :)

Free Trial | Market link »

Aqua Mail

Clean interface, lots of functions, works flawlessly.

Even though the default mail app on ICS is good, this one is better.

  • Easy automatic setup email services like google, yahoo, hotmail, gmx, etc.
  • Very good IMAP support, including IMAP Push/IMAP IDLE
  • Synchronize sent/deleted/spam/drafts to configurable IMAP folders
  • Nice clean widgets
  • Tasker integration
aqua mail folder listaqua mail folder view

Free/Paid | Market link »


Beautiful “read it later” app

This is the best read-it-later service: The Android app underlines that:

  • Beatiful UI
  • “Best view” shows you a webpage optimized for reading
  • Favorites/Archive functions
pocket archivepocket startscreen

Free | Market link »

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