Coda PHP & Web Toolkit – 3.1beta

Implementating these new features: JSTidy configuration and automatic updates (finally).
As well as: A bugfix for proCSSor, a new configuration option for PHPTidy and things I probably have forgotten.

Configuration for JSTidy

Configuration options JSTidy ("JSBeautifier")

Automatic update (please test this)

Since the plugin can’t use the Sparkle framework (because Coda itself uses it) I had to implement downloading, unpacking and installing in the plug-in.

So if an update is available:

  • New version will be automatically downloaded and unpacked
  • Coda then asks to replace the existing plug-in – which you should do (see screenshot).
  • Don’t forget to restart Coda afterwards
  • If the download fails for one or another reason, you can download via the website like before.

Dialogue from Coda when updating
Beta testing (you)

Please click the “[BETA] Selfupdate Plugin” entry in the menu – this starts the update process (it downloads the current beta again). Now just write a comment or send me a mail if you experience problems in the update process – or if everything works fine..

Selftest for you to try out

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