Owncloud setup – replace Dropbox and Google Calendar

This article is work in progress and will be updated along the way. Last update: Sep 6th 2015 – problems, problems.

Why Owncloud?

For some time (before dropdropbox) I thought about replacing dropbox as my primary cloud storage. Instead of choosing another provider like Google Drive or Wuala I decided to try owncloud.

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Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Mac OS X

Razer configuration utility, ignore F18 and F19..

Use Razer BlackWidow (PC Edition) on a Mac

This is probably useful only to a few people – but if you are one of the mac users who bought a Razer BlackWidow keyboard (PC), this should be helpful. “BlackWidow” is a mechanical keyboard for a reasonable price, lightyears better than the default apple keyboard. It’s called a “gaming keyboard”, so after unpacking you’re official member of the “Cult of Razer” .. well, then Continue reading “Razer BlackWidow keyboard with Mac OS X”

Using Android with Mac OS X – How To

Galaxy SII Homescreen

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy SII since two weeks (very good choice so far). But it took some time to figure the best way to sync and use an Android phone with Mac OS X (Snow Leopard). So here are my findings and suggestions.

Note: Of course this is not the only way – you can also use iSync (if your phone is supported, mine currently isn’t), software from your phone manufacturer or other solutions Continue reading “Using Android with Mac OS X – How To”