Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 2.0 beta

Dear fellow Coda users! The 2.0 version is going to be a bigger update – therefore please try out the beta version and report all errors/problems.

What’s new in 2.0beta?

  • Finally Panic updated the API – so the encoding is automatically being read, no need to choose it anymore, yeah!
  • Now respecting different line breaks (at first only for HTML tidy) — for HTMLtidy, CSStidy and PHPtidy now.
  • Custom HTML tidy configuration now possible, editable in a textfield
  • Included a current HTML tidy binary, which optionally can be used (instead of the one included with OS X)
  • Link to the HTML tidy online documentation – helpful if you create your own configuration
  • Preferences window reordered
  • HTML tidy version shown in the about window
  • TidyCSS, setting “highest compression” now also removes comments..

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