Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 2.0

Now online: Version 2.0 – with new features and lots of enhancements:

Custom HTML tidy configuration

You can now select “Custom” in the preferences and can edit the configuration manually. The syntax is quite easy and a button takes you to the online documentation.

Use integrated HTML tidy

You can choose to use the HTML tidy which is included in the plugin, instead of the one delivered with OS X. The included version is more recent and has more features.

Encoding automatically selected

The Coda API has been updated, so no need to select the file encoding anymore.

Auto Save

First there’s a new feature for PHP files. You can now enable “auto save” in the preferences: If you validate a PHP file successfully, it’s automatically being saved.

I use PHP validation a second before saving the file, just to make sure there are no syntax errors. So my usual workflow goes: edit file – validate – save – edit – validate – save…
Now with auto-save enabled I just need to hit “Cmd-Shift-V” and the file will be saved – if no fatal errors occured.

Experimental feature: proCSSor online CSS formatting

You can reformat CSS files via the online tool, this is experimental so feedback is very welcome. At the moment you can’t choose the formatting style, but this will be included later on – if everything works correctly.

And of course bugfixes etc. Documentation will also be updated the next days.

Note: Latest Coda version is required!

Download and feedback here »

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