Safari Pinboard Extension – 2.8 beta

This is a beta version (Safari 5.1 only!) of the Safari Extension for Feedback is very welcome: Found a bug? Don’t like toolbar buttons? Any other ideas?

What’s new?

  • There are now three toolbar buttons, two with a menu attached: Long click on the “Add to Pinboard” or “My Pinboard”-buttons now reveals a menu.
  • It’s now possible to disable keyboard shortcuts.
  • The selection of “Use https://” for pinboard is now being respected in all areas.
  • Some fixes and code optimizations.
  • Debug switch in the preferences – you can ignore this one.

Toolbar menu 2 Toolbar menu 1

What’s missing (but not forgotten :)?

I’m preparing the use of popovers (small windows popping up over the toolbar buttons) and the pinboard-API for more tasks. The problem with popovers is that they are Safari 5.1 only and the toolbar buttons must be visible, otherwise nothing happens. And that means a lot of additional code for some special cases. And that’s why all this takes a bit longer.

How to install?

Download here, double-click. Restart Safari after installing.

2 Replies to “Safari Pinboard Extension – 2.8 beta”

  1. Hi, great plugin!
    As for other ideas: Having the add button indicate whether the current page is already bookmarked would be a wonderful addition. Some other pinboard/delicious extensions make the add button blue for existing bookmarks.

    1. Hi –

      that’s a good idea. In order to do this I’ll first have to check the Pinboard-API on how to find out if the current page is already bookmarked. But it’s now on my todo list :)


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