Safari Extension with Shortcuts

A requested feature is now available: Keyboard shortcuts [UPDATE Dec 20th: Released 1.8].

New version (1.8) released, look here »

  • Open pinboard – Cmd+Shift+Num+1*
  • Add to pinboard – Cmd+Shift+Num+2*
  • Read Later – Cmd+Shift+Num+3*

*Cmd+Shift+Num+1 means: Press cmd, shift and “1” on the number pad at the right of the keyboard.


In extension preferences choose keyboard shortcuts for “Open pinboard”, “Add to pinboard” and “Read later”:

  • 1, 2, 3 (normal keyboard and numeric keypad)
  • P, A, L
  • Y, X, C
  • F10, F11, F12 (function keys)

And you can select a modifier, which by default is Cmd+Shift, but you can also choose Alt, Control+Shift or None. If you choose None, simply pressing the key opens your pinboard page.

So by default, pressing Cmd+Shift+P opens your pinboard, Cmd+Shift+A adds the current page to pinboard and Cmd+Shift+L saves the current pages as “Read later”.

Notes – please read

Since I don’t yet know if the number-pad keys are useful (well for me they are, but who knows…) and I haven’t yet done much testing, this is a beta-version. So it’s not available via the Extension update in Safari, you have to download it here. (And double-click to install of course).

The shortcut only works if a webpage is opened and if the focus is on the webpage, so if it doesn’t work click anywhere on the page.

If you modify the preferences, they are in effect after the page is reloaded. (fixed now)


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