HTML 5 & Video – Test area

This is work in progress – the next days I’ll write up See the related box to view a post about how to use the new HTML 5-video tag.

First Tests:

Safari 4 Macworks
Chrome 5 Macworks
Firefox 3.6 Macworks
Firefox 3.6 Windowsworks
Opera 10.10 Windowsno
Opera 10.5 Macno
Internet ExplorerLOL, no

Inline video in two formats with controls

Daft Punk 2007, Düsseldorf


Custom controls with javascript/mootools

Example video (h.264/ogg)

Current Event:

Ready State:

Network State:

Scriptable Controls

Timeline: Current time displayed, mouse wheel control
Volumeslider 1: Vertical, snap enabled, volume display
Volumeslider 2: Horizontal, no snap
Video Attributes

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