Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 1.7

And the next version, with one major improvement: Now you can (finally..) choose from a list of settings for HTML Tidy

  • “Very indented” means: Attributes are indented and placed on different lines.
  • “Default” is like before – Indented with Tabs, Tags grouped logically.
  • “Wrapped” wraps everything HTML by 80 characters.
  • “High Compression” removes indentations.
  • “Body only” formats HTML without adding header and DOCTYPE (see below)
  • Don’t hestitate to tell me if these configurations are useful or if you need something else..

    And: You don’t need to save the Preferences anymore.

    About “Body only”

    This is meant to reformat files which do not include a complete HTML source, like PHP includes for example.

    Warning: This also means that HTML header and DOCTYPE are deleted. And if the file immediately starts with PHP-code you have to insert something before this or HTML tidy will remove the first code block.

    These are shortcomings of the tidy-tool, but I’ll see if some of these issues can be worked around.

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