Owncloud setup – replace Dropbox and Google Calendar

This article is work in progress and will be updated along the way. Last update: Sep 6th 2015 – problems, problems.

Why Owncloud?

For some time (before dropdropbox) I thought about replacing dropbox as my primary cloud storage. Instead of choosing another provider like Google Drive or Wuala I decided to try owncloud.

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Personal recommendation: Adam Curtis

screenshot from "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace"

Usually blog posts here are about software development or are just update announcements for software I’ve written. This one’s different, because it doesn’t deal with software, development or the like.

screenshot from "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace"

What I recommend here are documentaries which I found to be absolutely outstanding and eye-opening. I’m talking about the British film maker Adam Curtis who made several films for the BBC.
For me his most impressive work is All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace – a three part series about machines and power. The first part for example connects seemingly unrelated events and persons like Ayn Rand, Bill Clinton, the Asia crisis and the rise of Silicon Valley to a greater narrative about how ideas and structures evolved in modern society.

His movies are also filmed differently than most documentaries you know – more like an audiovisual mash-up without loosing the focus on the content.

Fortunately all of Adam Curtis’ works can be watched online on thoughtmaybe.com (which by the way is a great resource for documentaries):

http://thoughtmaybe.com/by/adam-curtis/ »

The films are in English, subtitles are available in Spanish and French.

Also don’t miss the other features, especially The Trap and The Power of Nightmares.

Some website updates

Some small things:

The RSS feed is now being delivered via Feedburner so you can now also subscribe to updates via email if you like (see the button on the page footer). If the feed makes problems, notify me..

And you find a “print”-button there also – which by itself is not soo interesting, but I finally integrated a print stylesheet..

Google website search

Just included the Google website search – a bit annoying are the limited possibilities of customization, but otherwise quite google: Easy to setup, simply works. So hopefully they offer soon more options to customize the look, but even now I got it quite seamlessly included in my strange “layout”. Except that I’ve no idea how it might look in Internet Explorer. Maybe one day I’ll try that out, who knows..

Wikipedia beim Japaner

Japanisches Restaurant in Düsseldorf – schöne Erklärungen von Wikipedia auf der Wandtafel, sogar die “[Bearbeiten]”-Links wurden 1:1 kopiert.
Seen in a japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf – good explanations from Wikipedia on the wallboard, even the links for editing content (“Bearbeiten” in German) were copied.

Wikipedia on the wall