Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.9 beta

If you have problems with the current PHP & Web Toolkit, have a look at the current beta version. It should fix some errors when using “minify on publish” (for CSS and JS files).

New stuff

  • New CSS Minifier included, should greatly improve CSS output after minification and fix bugs with negative values.
  • Minify on publish should now work correctly.
  • New setting “laxcomma” added to JSHin.

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Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.4

Feature removal: This version doesn’t feature proCSSor anymore. The developer will not continue the proCSSor Web API, so this feature is removed from Coda PHP & Web Toolkit.
Since the API was a free service anyway and he’ll focus on developing his own software this is understandable. More information can be found on his website:


And since Coda 2 is said to be released in the near future I won’t add any new features until then. Therefore this version has some bugfixes only.

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Syslogviewer widget 1.3 – Update

In this version you can view a single remote logfile by entering the URL (must start with http).

This works via curl and is of course still very beta. The curl connection has a timeout and is being reloaded, so it should work with files that update continuously on the server.

Please note: The remote logfile should be text-only – html is not being rendered (and that would be very difficult).