It is a shame and a sad irony that I have to swap the “STOP CENSORSHIP”-banner for the “STOP ACTA”-logo on my website.

The on- and offline protests against SOPA have at least delayed voting on SOPA/PIPA and – as it seems – stopped this legislation (read: lobbying) for the near future. Since I’m not American, putting up a banner and spreading the word about SOPA/PIPA were my means of protest against it.

But it continues..

Lobbying and corruption are of course a global threats. Some days ago the EU signed ACTA. The EU is of course a shameless euphemism, because it wasn’t the democratically elected European Parliament which signed it – it was the European Commission (plus presidency and states), which can be read as: Lobbyists signing their own treaty.

ACTA – what?

There are plenty of well-written explanations what ACTA is – see next paragaraph or this video (subtitles in several languages present):

What to do?

Also in this case there is hope: The final decision about ACTA lies at the European Parliament. So look here » and here » for more information and how to contact the responsible MEPs and how to take further action.

More information

Stop ACTA information
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European Parliament Official In Charge Of ACTA Quits, And Denounces The ‘Masquerade’ Behind ACTA
Google’s thank you for the protests against SOPA/PIPA


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