Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 3.2

Small updates here and there.


Some bugfixes were applied and there are lots of more options to configure – these should be sufficient in most cases.

JSHint and JSTidy Preferences

CSS Minify

A new menu entry only to be honest: You can minify CSS (by using the same minification tool which you use for JavaScript).

Validate before PHPTidy

Good idea from Kieren: Before executing phptidy the code is validated – if the code is correct, phptidy is executed, otherwise the error is shown.

Small stuff

  • Rreferences have now direct links to (hint!) the chipwreck facebook page, my twitter account and – if you are a generous person – the donation page (flattr, paypal)
  • CSSTidy updated (current release from GitHub)
  • Some misc. bugfixes

Preferences window

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