Coda PHP & Web Toolkit 2.7

Another update, here’s what’s new:


After updating successfully, a short message is shown (only once per update).

Add a Help-link, which takes you to a page with current information and links to the FAQ, documentation etc.

PHP Tidy

Another configuration option: Fix statement brackets – If selected, the brackets from filename arguments for require and include are removed. According to including standards (PEAR).

CSS Tidy

Updated to the most recent version 1.3.1 from

HTML Validate/Tidy

Validation output improved (HTML entities are now being escaped, better font) and improved support for HTML 5.

About HTML 5 support

The plugin uses HTML-tidy to validate/reformat HTML-code. Unfortunately the development of HTML-tidy is very slow (last update was about a year ago) and real HTML5 support is not to be expected soon (See this forum post from the developer).
Nevertheless it’s possible to teach tidy some new tags (which is what I did), so it does not remove them. If you use the HTML validation-feature you get warnings for HTML5-Tags.

Known error: If you use a datalist-tag and inside option-tags, these are removed.


Instead of JSLint the tool now uses JSHint – which is a recent fork of JSLint. More information on This has the additional advantage that when accidentally trying to validate HTML-files with comments the JavaScript-parser doesn’t hang anymore.

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