Some Coda plugin tips & websites

Using Coda? Here are three recommended plugins I use daily.

Zen Coding

Takes a while to learn but the most flexible HTML/CSS-Shortcut system ever (yes, ever, at the moment).

It works quite easy:

  • You type div, press ^E (the global shortcut key) and <div></div> is inserted in Coda.

The cool thing is, that you can also do this:

  • Type div#whatulike and <div id="whatulike"></div> is inserted
  • div*2 gives <div></div><div></div>
  • div#someid>p inserts <div id="someid"><p></p></div>

There are numerous other examples (also for CSS) and some screencasts showing the concept:

Line Commands

What I really miss from Eclipse are the following features:

  • Go to last edit location (regardless if it’s in another file)
  • Word completion (aka “Hippie Completion”, don’t ask), best completion system on the planet
  • Move Line Up/Down, Duplicate Line Up/Down

At least the last was rebuilt in Coda, although somewhat slow:

Remove Trailing Whitespaces

This is something Panic could really add in the next version (with “trim on save”):

Other pages with hints and plugins I found useful:……/adding-more-coda-books/…/32-coda-tips-and-tricks.html

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    1. Currently these functions aren’t present in Coda 1 and 2. As far as I know there are plugins for Coda which provide such functions.

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