Learning Piano (or simply play) with Synthesia

How cool is that?


There are not many good learning-programs for Keyboard/Piano, but Synthesia is an exception.

First at all: It’s free.
Second: It doesn’t require you to learn note reading.
Third: It runs on OSX and Windows.
Fourth: You can play any piece you like, you simply load the MIDI-file and select which track you play.

I could add some more points about how cool this software is, how active the developer is, and so on.. But if you own a MIDI-Keyboard, you should simply have a look: synthesiagame.com »

4 Replies to “Learning Piano (or simply play) with Synthesia”

  1. I thank you very much for this. This website will help so many people with there piano work and create a useful(unlike the others online) piano community which can discuss and help students/teachers with real piano issues! I am happy to finally see all the pianos needed information to be gathered in one single site and will be using this site and contributing to it
    without doubt.

  2. I Think synthesia is a great program i’ve been using her for a few months and you can see what i Learned

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