Kontrol49 Pitch Bend as Mod Wheel in Logic 8

The setup of a KORG Kontrol49 in Logic 8 uses native mode and is a bit tricky, since it’s not really intuitive. But one thing simply does not work: The modulation wheel can be mapped to any function (Volume, Pan,.. whatever) but Logic won’t let it send MIDI data.

Here’s a workaround: Use the upper area of the PitchBend-wheel to control modulation. Since i don’t use PitchBend most of the time and that it “snaps back” to middle position is okay (for me).

If you’ve no idea what the Logic Environment is or how to use it – better read the Logic manual first or visit macprovideo.com for excellent tutorial videos.

How it’s done:

  1. Open Logic Environment .. and find yourself in the pleasant world of MIDI databytes and other stuff
  2. Switch to the “Clicks and Ports” Layer
  3. Create a new Transformer, cable it between SUM and Input with this configuration:
    • Mode: “Apply Operation Let Non-matching Events Pass Thru”
    • Status: “=”, PitchBend
    • Data byte 1: Fix, “1”
    • Data byte 2: Scale, “2”, “-128”
  4. If it doesn’t work: Create a new Monitor, cable it between SUM and the Transformer to check the values.

How it looks:

(Click to enlarge, labels are in German – but that shouldn’t matter)

Environment to transform PitchBend to Modulation

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