Google website search

Just included the Google website search – a bit annoying are the limited possibilities of customization, but otherwise quite google: Easy to setup, simply works. So hopefully they offer soon more options to customize the look, but even now I got it quite seamlessly included in my strange “layout”. Except that I’ve no idea how it might look in Internet Explorer. Maybe one day I’ll try that out, who knows..

WordPress Theme updated

The used wordpress theme was updated. You may download a zip-file with the theme files here ».

It’s enabled for widgets, the navigation can be customized and it has an own options page for setting links and some options. You can also customize the keywords and author.

The CSS is quite Safari and Firefox specific, no idea how it looks in Internet Explorer. Probably ugly like everything else.

Use with wordpress 2.7 or higher, no guarantees of course.

CSS selector according to language

To handle multiple languages on one page, it’s best practice to use the lang(xml:lang)-tag. These can be selected via CSS. (Doesn’t work in IE 6, of course.)
<code lang="html">
<span lang="en" xml:lang="en">this is english..</span>
<span lang="en" xml:lang="de">hier ist deutsche Texte..…</span>

<code lang="css">
p[lang="de"] { color: green; /* whatever */}
p[lang="en"] { color: red; /* whatever */}

Safari and friend IE

The same page viewed with Safari (Mac), IE 7 and IE 6 – for IE 6 the css hacks used have been disabled to see everything in its full glory. Notice the interesting placement of the right box.

Click on an image and use the arrow keys to flip through:

XHTML 1.0 valid + href target

“href target” is not XHTML 1.0 valid but very useful. With mootools adding the target-property afterwards is very easy:
window.addEvent('domready', function(){
  if ($$('a.external').length > 0) {
    $$('a.external').each(function(element, i) {
      element.setProperty('target', '_blank');