Other Projects

A selection of some other projects I created or contributed to:


Website, frontend and backend development for the Platzhirsch Festival Duisburg.
Music, culture, theatre, art, performance and much more at the Platzhirsch Festival in Duisburg.

Website: platzhirsch-duisburg.de »



The first streetwear label for human rights.
Magento installation/customization. Blog integration.
Website: tellavision-clothing.com »

tellavision clothing

schnittplaner.de (2014-2015)

Friseurtermine online buchen und Salonverwaltung für Mitarbeiter, Kunden, Termine, Aufgaben. Mit einem intuitiv bedienbaren Online Kalender, einfacher Integration in bestehende Websites, mehreren Filialen etc.
Salon Software with online booking, calendar, customer management, multiple client support and so on
Website: schnittplaner.de »

Schnittplaner Homepage


Website showing the works of awarded photographer Karl Lang.
Development and Production, Front- and Backend.
Website: langfoto.de »

Homepage langfoto.de

yourstylerocks.com (2010)

A D.I.Y. fashion community.
Development and Production, Front- and Backend.
Website: yourstylerocks.com »

Yourstylerocks homepage

schnittwerk.info (2007-2014)

Web development and production.
Online-Calender (click screenshots), checkout system (with touchscreen support, barcode reader support, card payment), customer database, CRM tool, backend programming.
Website: Friseur in Duisburg: schnittwerk.info »


bits2die4 (2006)

Production (HTML, CSS), payment integration for the webshop. 
Website: b2d4.com »

bits 2 die 4

cdb á düsseldorf (2006)

Production (HTML, CSS), database, backend programming.
Website: commanderiedebordeaux.de »

Commanderie de Bordeaux


Mathematics-plugin for eclipse, programming. 
Project page: sourceforge.net »