Feedburner custom domain (RSS Feeds moved)

Update 2015: This post is outdated. I would not recommend using Feedburner anymore (The last time Google updated Feedburner was 2012).

I use Google Feedburner, which is a nice tool to monitor your feeds. Some days ago I discovered a nice feature called MyBrand – it basically allows you to use your own domain instead of feedburner.com. So instead of using feeds.feedburner.com/chipwreck I can use feeds.chipwreck.de/chipwreck.

How to use

This works by setting a CNAME-record in the DNS.

A CNAME-record is an alias, which allows you to point domains (or subdomains in this case) to another canonical host.

The setting can be found by clicking Your Account (after logging in to Feedburner) and then selecting MyBrand. There follows a detailed description. Basically you have to add a CNAME record to the DNS settings at your hosting provider. This record looks like this:

feeds CNAME xyz.feedproxy.ghs.google.com.

The left side describes the subdomain (in this case feeds), the address on the right side is being provided by google on the MyBrand-page. Note the domain name ends with a dot (.) – that’s usual in DNS settings! And it takes usually some hours until DNS changes are in effect.

Note: Not every hosting provider allows you to edit DNS records yourself, all-inkl.com fortunately does. And be careful editing the DNS record yourself – you could shut down your complete website by entering wrong stuff..


So if you already subscribe to the RSS feed here, you could change the feed address to the new one:
If you like to subscribe, just click the orange button above.

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    1. I suppose that it’s possible – if you can use a subdomain, another extension might be possible also.

      But I haven’t tried it out and didn’t find anything in the docs for Feedburner/MyBrand.

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