Coda PHP Plugin: Beta 1.3

The next beta-version is available, have a look..

What’s new?

  • Bugfixes of course
  • More readable PHP-Error message
  • The first and quite messy try to incorporate the W3C HTML-Validation service.

Download etc. as always:



The procedure for the W3C-Validation is a bit ..well… confusing, since the Coda API doesn’t tell me which file you are currently editing, if you work on the remote server..

Assume you’ve set up a site with synchronous local and remote paths, like this:

On your HD for example:

On the (S)FTP-Server it’s

Now if you choose “W3C-Validation”, while the local file is selected (the “problems.html” on your HD), the corresponding remote file ( is being sent to the online W3C-Validator…

Yes, this is counter-intuitive – I hope the Coda API will be updated some time or I’ll have to find even stranger workarounds..