A scientific calculator as Eclipse-plugin.

Current version: 1.1


  • Integrated into the eclipse workbench
  • Standard, scientific and trigonometric calculation
  • Display of the calculation in base-n numbers (decimal, hexadecimal, binary)
  • Uses arbitrary precision where applicable
  • Memory function for a number and the last calculated result
  • Enter arithmetic expressions naturally
  • (NEW) Copy and clear as customizable shortcut
  • (NEW) Use comma to enter decimal point (for German keypad i.e.)


Screenshot Ecalculator


Installation via update-manager (recommended)

  • In Eclipse: Select Help » Software Updates » Find and install…
  • Search for new features to install » Next » New Remote Site…
  • Enter a name (“ecalculator”) and this URL: http://www.chipwreck.de/update
  • Click “Finish..” and select the appropriate feature


Installation via download

  • Download the package: ecalculator-1.1.zip »
  • Quit Eclipse if running
  • Open the zip-file and copy the contents of the “features” and “plugins” directory into your Eclipse folder
  • Start Eclipse


  • After installing and restarting Eclipse, choose: Window » Show View » Ecalculator » Ecalculator
  • If the category doesn’t appear, check if you installed correctly and restart Eclipse using the “-clean” option
  • Make sure you use JDK 1.5 or higher

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Support Ecalculator


Use comma key to enter decimal point
Keyboard shortcuts configurable for copy, clear, clear all
Small bugfixes
Updated (and included :) the help
Recompiled for 3.3
Small bugfixes
Small bugfixes
Hexadecimal and binary mode
Small improvments in the GUI
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